Dan Bilzerian Says He F*cked A CEO's Wife In His Gucci Flip-Flops (Photo)

By Julian Sonny

Dan Bilzerian is officially the savage of the year.

Up to this point, we've come to realize he enjoys multiple women at a time, but now it's evident he has another type: married women.

According to Bro Bible, the Instagram flex master posted then deleted this photo of CEO Ryan DeLuca's supposed wife after he allegedly "f*cked [her] in [his] Gucci flip flops."

Here's the wild photo Dan Bilzerian posted then deleted.

Bro Bible

Here's a photo with Ryan DeLuca and his alleged wife, Ashley.

Black Sports Online

Now the significance of the caption, "f*cking your girl in Gucci flip flops," is not only a Future line, it's straight-up legendary.

With hashtags such as #IReallyWoreThem (referring to the Gucci flip-flops) and #BadIdeaTextingMeOnYourGirlsPhone used in the pic, this dude has no choice but to seriously hurt this guy.

Add the fact that she posed for a picture with Dan's crazy ass assault rifle, and this is a burn even Meek Mill can laugh at.

I got nothing else to say but bump this track below to get in the mind of scumbag Dan Bilzerian. Sheesh!

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