Daughter's Tweets On Dad's Texts About Falling In Love With Her Mom Go Viral

*Sniffles behind blanket, cuddles up to Mr. Teddy and calls mom to ask if everything's going to be OK in the world.*

I haven't wept this much since the first -- and last -- time I watched "The Notebook."

But you'll be crying just as hard when you read this dad's texts to his daughter.

Sydney was writing an essay about her parents and was forced to ask about how they first met.

She didn't know what to expect, but I bet she didn't brace herself for this emotionally-loaded response.

Let's break it down because this isn't just your average tale of love, lust and sunset walks holding hands. Nah. This is pretty raw, to be fair.

Dad starts off by telling Sydney their marriage proposal started out as a joke between them. Basically, he said they planned to tell their friends she was going to ask him for his hand in marriage, for a laugh.

But two weeks later, he was actually in love with her. He said,

You guys only see her as R2D2. I get to see her as my best friend, my hilarious wife, and my beautiful queen when we get the chance to be away from here and work.

Her dad went on to explain how they grew apart after their first two children. They were barely spending any time together because he was working during the day and taking a class at night.

Her mom wanted to try for another baby. At first, he wasn't keen on the idea, but little did he know Sydney would be the key to bringing them closer together and reforming the ultimate duo.




*Has sudden, burning urge deep within loins to start a family immediately*