Dad's Pained Face Was So Hilarious During Labor His Wife Took A Pic Mid-Birth

Thanks, Jive Ria. Thanks for striking the fear of God into every expecting father on planet Earth.

If you haven't seen this photo yet, then take a good look. Observe his flared nostrils, the pain in his eyes and those crumpled fingers.

It looks like mom Alisha Baxter managed to catch the exact moment her partner realized his life was about to change forever — mid-birth.

And my heart goes out to him.

Alisha wrote,

I thought I'd share this photo of my partner while I was in labour. Every time I look at his face and how squished his fingers are I crack up.

Wow. What the hell was she pushing out of there?! It can't be human with that sort of terrifying reaction.

We know you got the raw end of the deal, ladies, but give us blokes some credit. We gotta see you go through unimaginable pain. Do you know how hard that is to see? Your pain is our pain, or something like that ...

Jive knows the score: