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Dad Mistakenly Sends Graphic Colonoscopy Text To Co-Worker


If there's one text message you don't want to send accidentally to your co-worker, it is the results of your colonoscopy.

At least, that's what this dad learned on Monday.

Fred (not his real name) had a routine colonoscopy done last week. During the procedure, doctors found a polyp that they wanted to test for cancer.

Luckily for Fred, the polyp was benign.

After getting his results back, Fred texted the good news to a group chat of his daughters and a person he thought was his girlfriend Heidi.

Alexia LaFata

It turns out the Heidi that Fred texted was not his girlfriend. It was an old customer from work who was also named Heidi.


Still, the awkward conversation continued... and morphed into a business deal.

Alexia LaFata
Alexia LaFata
Alexia LaFata


Poor Fred was so flustered he'd forgotten he already had Wrong Heidi's number.

Fred's two daughters, Rachel and Rebecca, were watching the whole thing unfold in this group message in real time.

Rachel told Elite Daily,

Here's the WTF text Rachel sent Rebecca:

Alexia LaFata

Rebecca felt equally as weird about the situation. She said,

It was clear Fred found the whole thing hilarious, but he was obviously pretty embarrassed, too.

Fred told Elite Daily with a laugh,

I had to know if the business deal was really happening or if it was just discussed to make things less uncomfortable. Fred was confident it was real.

He said,

Something tells me this family will be laughing at this story for years to come.