17 Of The Cutest 'Just Because' Things People Have Done For Partners

by Eitan Levine

This is a great Reddit thread for couples and the worst Reddit thread imaginable for all you lonely wastes of skin and bone out there.

Arguably, the worst part of being single has to be missing out on cute couple stuff people in relationships do with and for each other.

Yup, that and a growing fear of dying alone that suffocates you more and more whenever you see someone's Facebook status go to "in a relationship" are the two things that suck most about not having a significant other.

But, there are awful things about being in a relationship. You lose out on free time you once had, and all of a sudden you need to pretend like you enjoy going to apple orchards and Coney Island, both of which suck.

They both suck sooooo hard. If I were to say "apple orchards are the Coney Island of activities," you honestly wouldn't know which one was the worse thing, but you'd know the statement is insulting to both. That's a rare and beautiful pair of terrible things.

Reddit users are sharing some of their own cute couple things they do for their loved ones, and the stories are all pretty adorable.

Also, I only found two fart jokes and eight penis jokes on this thread, which makes it the most romantic thing of all time. This is like the Paris of Reddit threads.

The way this guy parks his car is a beautiful testament to love.

This person's playing the long game.

Comfy AF? It doesn't matter because you're in a relationship AF.

This one deserves its own Nicholas Sparks movie.

I don't get the "hamper" part of this, but I'm all for it.

It's always Christmas with these two!

This is the saddest thing I've ever read.

D'awwwww, she's like a love burrito!

A hot towel is like relationship heroin.

This is how you know if you should marry someone.

This is an adorable way to check if you're being cheated on.

This is what love is about.

I don't know if this is cute or not.

What does your boyfriend do with the ice trays?!

Yeah, make her a dinner, or just give her the stuff to make dinner. Both are equally romantic.

Apparently, cute stuff in cold places primarily just involves keeping your significant other warm.

You want a ring on that finger? This is how.