Cute Dog With His Doughnut Pillow Is All Of Us Refusing To Get Out Of Bed


We all have that one thing that make us tick.

Maybe it's an outfit that makes you feel flawless AF, or maybe it's a sweet treat that give you all the feels.

But no matter how much joy this particular thing brings to your life, I can almost guarantee it doesn't make you as happy as this dog with a doughnut pillow.


Recently, a woman named Brielle Westwood decided to brighten up her dog's day by giving her barking BFF, Riley, a cute pillow that looks like a doughnut.

Little did she know that this seemingly simple gift would forever change Riley's life and make him the happiest dog that ever lived.

No really, this dog might even be smiling more than that puppy who got to meet Pluto IRL.


In fact, Riley loved the doughnut pillow so damn much that he refused to give it back. Brielle noted, "I put this donut pillow on my dog 20 minutes ago and he loves it and won't let me take it off."

Brielle posted a picture of her delightful doughnut on Twitter...

...and now the internet is basically losing its mind over this insanely sweet sight.

Riley made some people experience an overload of cute-induced emotions...

...while others just couldn't seem to get over the sheer enjoyment on his face.

And they even zoomed in the photo to get a closer look at this doggy's doughnut endeavors.

Apparently, this pillow-obsessed pup became such an overnight sensation that he even made it onto We Rate Dogs and got a score of 13/10.

Riley's sweet shenanigans also inspired other pet owners to share photos of their very own dognuts...

...and it's not hard to see doughnuts and dogs are just made for one another.

Plus, this dog-doughnut duo also raised a few questions about food-themed animal outfits that were equally important.

All in all, I think it's safe to say this particular tweet sums up what everyone is thinking right now.

And thanks to Riley, it seems like a lot of dogs are going to be getting doughnut pillows for Christmas this year.

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