Yodel Delivery Driver Sends Creepy WhatsApp Sexts To Mom


A weirdo delivery driver allegedly sent creepy sexts to a customer and blamed the cleavage in her WhatsApp profile photo when confronted.

Rhian Davies, 29, was at home in Stafford, England, waiting for Kylie Jenner lipstick she had ordered in the previous days.

When the mother noticed she had a couple of missed calls from a random number, she sent a message via WhatsApp asking who it was.


She said,


The delivery man replied with some seriously inappropriate messages.

Rhian claims he said it was the "Yodel courier driver" and explained,

When he was called out, he blamed her looks and said her boobs were out in her profile photo. He said,


The slew of messages got even more outrageous. At one point, he branded her pictures "derogatory" and said he wouldn't have engaged in conversation if she had messaged him with no photo.

Rhian told the driver she was going to report him, adding,


A spokesperson for Yodel delivery service said,

It is not known if the driver is still working for the company.

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