This Crazy Snack Just Dominated The Festival Food Scene At Lollapalooza


Let's be real: Festivals are mostly about the food, adorable outfits and endless Snap-worthy moments.

But at a fest like Lollapalooza, you'd think music would be the main event.

Well, these lobster corn dogs just proved us wrong because they were the biggest hits there.

Let me just say those two words again, just in case it didn't register: Lobster. Corn dog.

Yeah, this incredible gift was brought to Lollapaloozers by the one and only culinary genius, Graham Elliot. I would have paid to go the festival just to take a bite out of one of these bad boys.

I even bet people probably missed heavy hitters like Lana Del Rey and Red Hot Chili Peppers for some lobster corn dog action.

At festivals, food that comes on a stick is always a good choice...

...and you can't beat any festival food that involves lobster.

Underneath that crispy outer layer of fried goodness... a mouthful of soft, delicious lobster.

They should just rename the festival "Lobstapalooza."

This snack dominated the entire weekend.

Calories, shmalories. I could probably eat 15 of these.

You can watch how these incredible lobster corn dogs are made, or you can bring the festival to your own kitchen and make them at home.

Happy munching.