Craigslist Ads Offer 'Pretty' Women Housing In Exchange For 'Adult Fun'

We've hit a new level of "fucked up" in the world of real estate, everyone.

Landlords in London are now seeking pretty girls -- and pretty girls, only -- to become tenants in their flats on Craigslist.

They don't plan on charging the women, but they do expect "sexual favors" in exchange for free rent, according to Evening Standard.

Um, can someone please explain to me how this is OK? Because I'm really, really confused.

Apparently, the sleazy ads have showcased attractive apartments in expensive areas of the city. Women who rent these apartments will not only have to adhere to the landlord's sexual needs but also keep the houses in order.

I am literally nauseous right now. How dare they?

The Evening Standard tracked down a handful of the listings and shared excerpts from the uncomfortable descriptions of the flats.

One landlord allegedly wrote in the title,

Free accommodation for pretty young Girl.

Another man reportedly stated he would house a woman for free if she gave him a few massages throughout the week and another for a "15-minute cuddle."

What kind of world do these dudes think we live in?!

The kicker, in my opinion, is the man who allegedly advertised in search for a "female spankee" to live in her pre-furnished apartment.

Helen Croydon, a freelance journalist who investigated the cheeky Craiglist ads, spoke with Evening Standard about the clouded minds of those creating the advertisements. She said,

I don't think all these men were exploitative but they were guilty of being completely deluded and not realising a woman needs her freedom and doesn't want to share her bed with a stranger straight away.

You tell 'em, Croydon. She continued,

These were quite needy men who I felt were alone and didn't understand chemistry and how an immediate sexual relationship may complicate living arrangements.

Yeah, they'd complicate things just a little bit.

Whether or not these dudes were "needy" or not, this is not OK by any means. I'd rather sleep in a cardboard box than shack up with one of these creeps.