10 People Reveal The Creepiest Things They've Seen On Craigslist

Craigslist is a strange place.

I like to think of it as the place where the world's weirdest people congregate and revel in their weirdness.

But here's the thing: Normal people have to use Craigslist, too.

The result is that sometimes, while we're searching the archives for a room to rent or a cheap piece of furniture, we'll come across a post so bizarre it almost seems like a joke. (Sadly, it rarely is).

Redditor RajaAlShaitan recently asked the site's users to recount their strangest, creepiest Craigslist experiences.

The ten posts below are the best of the best -- or the worst of the worst (depends on how you look at it).

Be warned: As with many things on Craiglist, some of these posts are totally NSFW.

1. That's cool, right?

2. This makes me really uncomfortable.

3. What is the point of that though?

4. Sexy...?

5. How do you lose one of those things?

6. NOPE. Nope.


8. I mean, if he's offering money...

9. This is actually way more common than you'd think.

10. The real question is where did he get a coffin?