These Couples Sharing The Stories Of How They Met Will Melt Your Heart (Video)

by Taylor Ortega

In a new video, Glamour interviews three couples to find out how they met, and none of them -- I mean none of them -- met at a singles wine tasting.

The pairs tell their meet-cute stories in the video titled “How We Met: Do The Facts Match Up?” As each lover in a pairing talks, the video flashes back and forth between the two, highlighting consistencies and, at times, inconsistencies.

Everyone's memories vary, but not one memory includes gazing across a crowded winery and instantly falling in love.

Within each couple, the women seem to remember the events in slightly sharper detail than their male counterparts, which is likely a sign of their intelligence. It seems odd, then, none of these ladies thought to look for romance at wine tastings.

Wine tastings are educational, classy and should provide the perfect settings to engage with handsome men who are surgeons by trade and jazz musicians by passion.

Still, I am told many hopeful people with decent enough conversational skills and really interesting zoo stories are leaving wine tasting after wine tasting alone.

What's the deal with that?

Anyway, good for these people. I hope it works out.