This Couple Got Married In An Amazing Underwater Ceremony At An Aquarium

It seems like couples always look for unique ways to make their wedding ceremonies truly memorable experiences.

However, when it comes to taking the plunge, Justin and Crystal Reynolds know how to host a wedding that really makes a splash.


That's right. Instead of getting married on dry land, this adventurous couple decided to ditch the normal ceremony and take their love to new depths by getting married amid onlooking friends, family and... a bunch of sea creatures!

On Sunday, the couple suited up in their scuba gear and headed to the Georgia Aquarium where they exchanged vows in the Ocean Voyager exhibit, a 6.3-million-gallon tank filled with a variety of stunning marine life including whale sharks and manta rays.

But, that's not all.

After exchanging vows, these two shared their first dance swirling around on the aquarium floor before finally returning to the surface to greet their guests as a newly married couple.

In a statement, Crystal said,

We never thought we would get married in an aquarium, but it mixes our love for diving and for one another, it's something we love doing together.

Check out the video above for a closer look at the underwater wedding ceremony.

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