This Couple Uses All Of Their Money To Travel Around The World

by Kate Ryan

Jourdan Bowen and Madeline Relph, two Sydney natives, spend all their money on traveling to exotic locations around the world. They also happen to be very, very good-lucking.

Which of these things is the most shocking: 1) They've been together since they were 14 years old, 2) Miserable Men has three times as many Instagram followers, or 3) they hang out with camels on a budget.

Apparently, to save money, they forgo expensive meals -- err, all meals basically -- and stick to "eating fruit on the beach." Madeline says that, wherever they go,

We are there to see new things and meet new people. We have slept in airports, on buses and on trains and we eat street food and share meals. We do everything cheap — and enjoy life to its fullest.

By the looks of her Instagram account, they're totally down to earth.

They gaze at hot air balloons...

Lounge by waterfall caves...

And squat on Guatemalan rooftops.

They spoon just like any couple.

And they deal with traffic just like the rest of us.

They're really your average 20-something couple just trying to "figure it all out."

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