Couple Having Sex On Side Of Busy Street Awkwardly Interrupted By Angry Man


I never thought a city existed where it's acceptable for lovers to have casual sex on the sidewalk near a busy intersection without remorse.

Apparently, I was wrong -- I was very, very wrong.

A viral video recently emerged that shows two people humpin' away on the pavement next to a main road in broad daylight, and no one passing by seems to give a shit.

As the woman shamelessly rides the dude on the sidewalk, people in motorcycles and cars pass by without a second glance.

The city around them seems unfazed -- that is, until a furious man interrupts their mid-day sexcapade and sends the culprits running.

EEK. That's one ballsy couple (pun definitely intended).

The video begins when a couple decides it'll be fun to have sex on the sidewalk next to a few motorcyclists who are passing by.

No big deal, right?


Moments later, they get down to business.

(Please note the motorcyclist completely oblivious to the couple having intercourse next to him.)


Yup. Still going!


That looks super uncomfortable. Couldn't they have at least put a blanket down or something?!


Cars are driving by, and they still DGAF.



These spontaneous folks were almost in the clear, until a guy strolled by who didn't like what was happening on the sidewalk of his city.


After he approached them, the woman stood up and the angry man began whipping the guy on the ground.


Moments later, the anonymous woman walked away as if nothing even happened, and the man signaled the guy on the ground to leave.


He ran off without a second thought, and his sex partner strolled nonchalantly over the cross-walk.


Um. What. Just. Happened?!

I feel like I just witnessed a really awkward sex nightmare.

As spontaneous as street sex might seem, I don't think these guys will partake in any sidewalk humping in the near future.

But even if they did, I don't think a majority of their city would care. They'd just need to keep an eye out for the angry man who interrupted them the first time.