This Woman's Wonky Fitbit Detected More Than She Bargained For


One couple from New York got the surprise of a lifetime when they found out they were pregnant… thanks to a Fitbit.

The crazy story begins a few months back, when a man named David and his wife started trying to make a baby.

For Christmas, David bought himself a Fitbit, hoping to shed a few pounds in the New Year (maybe in the hopes that doing so would up the sexy time). Soon after, his wife, Ivonne, was interested in a Fitbit too.

Shortly after starting to use the Fitbit, Ivonne noticed the device was showing her heart rate to be elevated almost all the time. While the normal resting heart rate ranges between 60 and 100 beats per minute, Ivonne's was climbing as high as 110.

Oddly, she wasn't burning more calories than normal, meaning she wasn't unknowingly increasing her activity level.

After asking her husband to take a look at the Fitbit, David took to Reddit to see if any users had similar problems and if there was an easy way to reset the tracking device.

He wrote:

Quickly, fitness enthusiasts started responding, offering possible reasons as to why his wife's heart rate may be elevated. One Reddit user posted a peculiar question:

After a pregnancy test, David and Ivonne discovered she was, in fact, pregnant. David returned to the Reddit thread to write,

Congrats, David and Ivonne!

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