This Couple Got Caught Having Sex Next To A Busy Street...In Broad Daylight


There's public sex, then there's PUBLIC SEX.

This is the latter.

The only way this could get any more public is if this couple was doing the dirty in the middle of a colosseum with a baying crowd and a man in a little leaf crown shouting,


It happened in Minsk, Belarus, where locals were alerted to the extreme PDA by unforgettable echoes of love-making.

Warning: This is definitely not safe for work.

Admit it, you're even more confused now you've seen the picture. Don't worry, we are, too. How do we even begin to break this down?

There are so many questions: Why does this couple look so young? How is anyone that flexible? And is this whole thing just a PR stunt for Nike? Because I suddenly have a strange urge to buy some sporting swag and phresh Roshe Flyknit sneakers.

According to Daily Mail, one witness gave this bizarre quote:

This is a famous photo from Sukharevo. I wonder what was left out of sight.


Shame is officially dead.

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