Guy's Cheap Costumes Made With Household Items Are Perf

Guys, it's Monday, you're stuck at work, and you've got a killer Halloween party to hit up as soon as you punch out.

We've all been there. I'm there currently.

I have no costume, no makeup and the panic is starting to set in. Surely I can't be that girl who just draws on eyeliner cat whiskers?

Thankfully, Anucha “Cha” Saengchart is here to help. Better known as the "Lowcost Cosplay Guy," he uses every day household material to make some pretty legit costumes.

Tale as old as time...


Oh, my dear Lord...


If you want to be this horrifying version of Po from "The Teletubbies," be my guest. But also do not come near me.

He ruined his shoes all for the sake of art.


His mama will "Scream" when she see what he did with his brand new white shoes.

It's Hulk Hogan, brother!


Here's a funny story about Hulk Hogan.

For my entire life, I thought I had met the wrestler when I was a very young child. After fighting with my mom, and her insisting I never met him, I searched for the picture.

And there I was posing next to... a cardboard cutout of Hulk Hogan. That was truly a spooky Halloween tale for you. Moving on...

Hey, you. Let me get a peek-at-chu.


I made myself uncomfortable with that joke.

Pro: This is a great use for your old mice. Con: You'll have to be plugged into a power source.


This one is pretty uncanny...


You could always go out as your favorite emoji.


My choice would be the ugly floating head of the angel baby -- but I would have to cut my wonderful hair to cop his one curlicue on his forehead.

This is such an iconic look.


Just picture yourself rocking this look and slaying on the dance floor at the club tonight...

Check out some more struggle cosplay here.

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