Impressed Cops Find "Get Out Of Jail Free" Monopoly Card On Arrested Man

Oli Scarff / Staff/ Getty Images

When Deputy Vai of Minnesota's Dakota County Sheriff's Office went to arrest a man on Monday, June 26, he probably didn't expect to find a piece of everyone's favorite real estate board game on the suspect.

But he did.

Deputy Vai found a "Get Out of Jail Free" Monopoly card on man he was arresting, and couldn't help but give him credit for trying.

The humored sheriff's office used Facebook to tell the tale of the suspect who was carrying the Monopoly card at the time of his arrest, and the post is pretty funny.

Sadly, this isn't the fictitious world in which you have to pass 'Go' and avoid jail to maintain your (also fake) properties and mortgages.

This suspect was off to real jail for an outstanding warrant, but that doesn't mean the cops couldn't get a kick out of his efforts to avoid time behind bars.

The image of the Monopoly card in question was captioned with a telling description of the incident. It reads,

"We appreciate the humor! Deputy Vai arrested a gentleman this weekend on an outstanding warrant. He carried this Monopoly card just in case. 'A' for effort!"

You have to give it to the guy, because it's sort of a genius idea. He literally carried this card — which, for the record, does work in the game — "just in case" he ever had a run-in with law enforcement.

I don't think I would've been able to keep a straight face after finding such a gem.

Arresting officer Deputy Vai didn't make an official statement, but I'm sure he at least giggled on the inside.

In a comment on their now-viral post, the sheriff's office said they gave the card back to the suspect and expect him to keep carrying it.

"We had no reason to take it," they wrote, responding to one commenter's extremely relatable reaction to the entire ordeal.

Maybe now he'll start carrying some orange $500 bills, too.

You know, just in case he needs some cash.