Cops Arrest 102-Year-Old Woman And She Loves It


When's the last time you were arrested?

Me? Oh, it was a high spirited summer night. We knocked over so many outhouses.

But for one poor 102-year-old-woman, the answer to this question was, sadly, "Never."

Until now...


So what was this woman's crime? Grand larceny? Assault? Arson?

Edie Simms just kind of has always wanted to be arrested. In fact, the Missouri woman had it on her bucket list.

The only things on my bucket list are "water bucket" and "bucket hat." I just don't know that many different types of buckets.


To help fulfill her dream, St. Louis police officers handcuffed the senior citizen and put her in the back of a squad car.

St. Louis Police Sgt. John McLaughlin said,

Which makes it sound like they must arrest a lot of seniors, and they love it. The older they are the better, probably.

When Edie was asked if she liked the experience, she said,

Wonder why Edie hasn't been arrested for real? She's a pretty great person.

For years, she has donated her handmade items to the residents of St. Louis' Five Star Senior Center.

A volunteer there is friends with an officer and set up the whole arrest. So she was, in fact, set up... Where is the justice in America?


After Edie delivered her homemade socks to the residents, she said,

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