This Construction Worker Plays The Cutest Game With Kids In The Hospital


Imagine getting to play "Where's Waldo?" in real life.

Children at Memorial Children's Hospital in South Bend, Indiana actually get to play all thanks to Jason Haney, a construction worker who is working on a new wing at the hospital.

The children look out the windows every day searching for the unmistakable striped sweater and hat placed by Haney on the site. Haney was inspired to do this after he and the construction crew built a snowman in the yard during winter and the kids loved it.

Because his daughter was in the hospital when she was a toddler, he knows the realities of how hard it can be for children stuck inside all day. His daughter, who is healthy now and will be attending college next year, even helped paint the 8-foot tall Waldo.

Haney knows how much joy the children get out of finding the cutout every day. He says,

I just did it so the kids could take their mind off what they're doing... So they could get out of their room and walk over to the playroom and have a little bit fun. I'm just glad that they're enjoying it and it's helping. I'm glad to have the opportunity to do it.

When the kids find him, they take pictures and upload them to a Facebook group that Haney created. That way he knows he has to move Waldo again. He also hides him inside the hospital and in elevators.

Next, he plans on making little Minions for the kids to look for on the site too because they're probably easier to carry.

These young patients at this Indiana Hospital are lucky to have a guy like Haney looking out for them and cheering them up in this small but adorable way.

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