Anonymous Confessions Are Being Shown On Huge Screen At Train Station

An emotionally raw and incredibly captivating digital display at Brighton station in England gives British commuters glimpses of personal struggles people go through daily.

The project, called “The Waiting Wall,” involves a constantly changing screen that features anonymous, user-submitted confessions and hangs above a timetable at the train station.

The idea behind the project came from author and philosopher Alain de Botton's vision of turning Jerusalem's Wailing Wall into something more globally accessible and modern.

In his book “Religion for Atheists," he wrote,

An electronic version of The Wailing Wall… would anonymously broadcast our inner woes… The wall would offer a basic yet infinitely comforting – public acknowledgement that… none us are alone in the extent of our troubles.

“The Waiting Wall” is the brainchild of technologists Steven Parker and Alan Donohoe.

The duo makes up the creative digital storytelling partnership Free The Trees, which boasts the tagline,

We write stories. Just not on paper.

In order to submit messages to the screen, users go to and post what they're feeling.

So far, messages range from personal struggles…

And life confessions…

To semi-brags about victories...

...and life questions.

The display is part of the Brighton Digital Festival and will be running until September 27.

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