People Think This Bizarre Ad Uses Naked Women As Props And They're Angry (Photos)

Is this the worst jewelry ad campaign of all time? I'm going to go ahead and say "yes," unless Cartier came out with a catalog featuring models flogging baby seals to death with diamond-encrusted baseball bats I didn't know about.

Domestic abuse and sexism are two social issues with the rare distinctions of being worldwide problems.

Whether open about it or not, every country deals with both on an absurdly large scale.

Yes, over recent years there have been incredibly effective campaigns -- hat tip to you, Dove, for soaps and brand messages that are both great -- to expose and deal with these somewhat-related problems, but it often seems like for every major step forward society takes, we become painfully aware we're really nowhere close to fixing anything.

Need proof? Check out I Love Ugly's latest jewelry ad campaign.

Great! Y'all just gonna show this guy resting his brass knuckles on a naked, faceless woman's bathing suit areas? Amazing. Classy job, guys.

Lizzie Marvelly sums up the general consensus on this ad campaign pretty perfectly.

I Love Ugly is predictably seeing major customer backlash from the campaign.

Early on, the company demonstrated exactly how clueless it was about frustration over the ads.

The Internet responded back with a resounding, “Oh, man, you REALLY don't get it, do you?”

It's cool, though, the company fixed everything! *SMDH.*

In the company's defense, I Love Ugly did release a formal apology on its Facebook page -- kind of.

Shop now: is one of those things you either love or hate on a man. We tried our best to rework... Posted by I Love Ugly on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

TL;DR: “We're super sorry. Here is the link to where you can buy our products.”

OH, BY THE WAY,  in case you're wondering, the rings are selling out like crazy. I'm not going to link to the website in this article because I'm not an awful person, but people are actually buying these effing rings at an inexcusable rate.

You win, I Love Ugly. I mean, you 100 percent, totally lose, but here, you also somehow won.

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