Strangers Are Confused And Amused By Comedian's Random Instagram Comments

by Hope Schreiber

This is why I leave my Instagram on private. (Also because of all those nude photos I post.)

John Purcell, a comedy writer, has made a habit of writing totally random and hilarious comments on strangers' Instagram photos for the past few years.

He's even created a Tumblr to document them, Hello Stranger.


Just how many porch swings would he own at this point?


John Purcell told Mashable,

I randomly started leaving comments on strangers' photos about three years ago. It was just a fun thing to do when I was bored and sometimes I would text screenshots of my comments to my girlfriend or friends. They seemed to think they were funny so I decided to make a blog and post them all there.

He's doing the Lord's work.


Honestly, some Tiffany out there is going to feel really supported.


Purcell used to use Instagram's trending photos to find images worthy of a random comment, but the app no longer has that feature. Finding photos is harder for Purcell and now a bit "less fun."

He is now forced to scroll until something pops out to him.


His ability to suck the sex appeal out of a thirst trap is uncanny.


The New York comedy writer said,

It's just a fun, silly thing to do. I never post mean or abusive comments on anyone's photos. The point isn't to make fun of anyone. Just to post a comment that makes absolutely no sense in relation to the photo.

Purcell only comments on photos that a lot of comments, so his jokes often slip under the radar.

Once, however, someone found his Instagram and left a weird comment of their own. His account is now private.

Could these all just be a call for help?


Dad, if you're reading this...


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