Guy Proposes To Girlfriend While Scaling A Cliff And It Goes Horribly Wrong

Michael Banks went all out on the romantic-gesture front to propose to his girlfriend.

Unfortunately for him, proposing while dangling from a 600-foot cliff with no harness is exactly as crazy and difficult as it sounds.

The 27-year-old illegally scaled the Morro Rock in California to pop the question while his girlfriend watched the whole thing on FaceTime.

She did say "yes," but the moment was ruined slightly when he got stuck on the way down, and the fire department had to come rescue him.

The Morro Bay Fire Department had to airlift Banks to safety when he got stuck on a ledge 80 feet off the ground. Yeah, that kind of put a damper on the whole display-of-masculinity thing.

The fire department posted a video of the rescue on its Twitter page, which you can watch below.

Yeeeaaah, you didn't really think this one through, did ya, Michael?

Look, it's sweet this dude wanted to give his girl a huge, romantic proposal, but climbing a cliff with no harness is a tad questionable.

I'm just saying, this couple might want to invest in some life insurance ASAP.

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