Chill Restaurant Worker Ignores Armed Robber And Carries On Serving Customer

Canterbury Police

Cool, calm and collected are three things I definitely WOULD NOT be if some guy was all up in my grill with a gun.

But, this New Zealand restaurant worker was chill maximus when a would-be robber came in waving a pistol.

Surveillance footage caught the moment an armed robber burst in and walked up to a guy behind the counter.

But, Sir Chillington doesn't give AF. He barely looks at the gunman and continues to serve a customer.

Even the customer isn't bothered. What's everyone smoking over in Christchurch!?

Canterbury Police released the footage on its Facebook page and is asking for help identifying the masked man. Take a look:

Officers wrote,

Canterbury Police would like to identify the man in black who enters the shop in this video. If you know him, or if you have information that might help identify him, please contact Christchurch Police Station on 03 363 7400.

The video's been viewed more than 180,000 times.

It's the most relaxed reaction ever. The worker even appears to smile and raise his eyebrows as if to say "really, pal?" What a boss.

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