Savage Chicken Crashes Honeymoon And Has Sex With The Bride's Shoes

Meet Dave. Naw, not the bloke, the chicken. He's the star of the show here, and don't you forget it.

The cheeky chicken crashed Chris and Victoria Leigh's honeymoon at a lodge in Dyserth Falls Resort, Prestatyn, Wales.

For the record, they would have been totally cool with the chicken popping in to say "hi," but he overstayed his welcome (by four hours) and crossed the line by having sex with Mrs. Leigh's slipper after getting in bed with them.

Poultry these days -- no shame.

Booked a lodge for my honeymoon and found this #SeenItAllNow pic.twitter.com/IqdGzKq1FZ — Chris leigh (@Chrisleigh92) September 9, 2016

Chris said,

Every time he got shooed out he would stand there looking at us and cock-a-doodle-doo until he could get back inside.

He continued,

He was like my little best mate - he'd wander in, sit with us and he even fell asleep on me. The longest he stayed for was four hours when he sat on my lap watching the telly... Dave probably got more attention than Victoria did on our honeymoon.

The new husband eventually had enough and showed Dave the door.

But he came back -- with reinforcements.

He looks pretty serious, Chris. I'd pack your bags and think about getting out of there.



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