Woman Caught Trying To Cheat On BF By Accidentally Texting His 'Friend' (Photos)

Pack up your bags, get a bus ticket and move on, because there is no coming back from being this level of SUPER caught.

When cheating, it's always important to remain as diligent as possible to ensure you don't get caught.

Always make sure to double-check numbers, set up strong alibis and book rooms at places nowhere near your significant other's apartment.

Also, maybe don't accidentally text your boyfriend's friend.

As Carl Underwood would say,

Maybe next time she'll think before she cheats.

Cute little “we met at a bar, remember?” convo.

Then selfie identification started getting passed around.

Oh, boy! Looks like she bagged a Winklevoss!

Very subtle.

Ruh roh!

Technical extortion?

Then this happened?

Better luck next time?