This Guy Re-Wrote The CDC Guidelines For Women And Tailored Them To Men

by Kate Ryan

Last week we reported the CDC's new, shockingly condescending guidelines for women. Basically, the guidelines tell women to ditch Wine Wednesday because it'll give them STDs. Yeah, they were really that dumb.

Luckily, Brokelyn posted revised guidelines, this time poised at male alcohol consumers -- particularly belligerent ones. Put together by designer Chris Giganti, the parody guidelines offer some sound advice for violent men: Don't drink at all.

The revised guidelines fill in what's missing in the CDC's original infographic... because women can't get pregnant and beaten on their own, after all.

If it's a question of responsibility, shouldn't men be held solely responsible for abusing women, whether under the influence of alcohol or not? We think so, and so does Giganti, who put into words what we were all thinking, telling Refinery29,

Maybe it's not the CDC's job to focus on social issues over medical ones. But it's probably also not their job to take an infographic about the dangers of alcohol for pregnant women and turn it into a moral crusade against all those whiskey-chugging floozies getting themselves raped, picking up the herp, and having to get drive-through abortions because they're so irresponsible.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Check out the revised CDC guidelines by Giganti below and share them with all the dudes you think could lay off the sauce.

Courtesy of Chris Giganti, Brokelyn

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