This Cat Walking Into A Class And Falling Asleep Is All Of Us

Honestly, the hardest part of college for me was trying to motivate myself out of bed to actually get to class.

Then, it was truly a struggle to stay awake. I was that girl who fell asleep in every class -- without fail.

People would recognize me at parties, saying, "Oh, yeah, you're the girl who always falls asleep."

My New Year's resolution one year was "STOP falling asleep in class" and I broke it the first day back from winter break.

So, I get this cat. He and I can agree on a number of things, one of them being that tuna is actually pretty delicious. The other?

There is no greater nap than one taken in a classroom.

We both started off with the noblest of intentions, only to fall asleep 30 minutes in.

Is it the drone of the professor? The warmth from the radiator? The gentle hum of laptops? Who can say...

This cat walked into International Islamic University in Malaysia and sat so nobly at his desk, right beside a desktop computer (I assume, so he could take proper notes).

But 21-year-old student, Nur Elynna Binti Mohammad Shaharul Hashri, snapped this picture with her feline classmate.

He's already looking a bit sleepy.

Hashri and the other students don't know who the cat belongs to, but it is always found on their campus.

It is just trying it's best to receive an education. If only it could stay awake long enough to hear a discussion of the reading assignments...

Hashri said that she and the other students just let the cat sleep. She stated,

The other students and teachers found it really amusing too but we just left the cat… it did not disturb the flow of our lesson.

It's only a matter of time until this cat solves a "Good Will Hunting" level math problem though. We're calling it.

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