Some Mystery Hero Left $8,000 In Small Bills To A Cat Shelter


At around 11 am on Wednesday, an anonymous donor left $8,000 in $20 bills (that's 400 bills) in a donation box at the Pasadena Humane Society's Neely Cat Center.

Here's what I suspect happened...

A person was just surfing the web early on Wednesday morning, as you do, probably scrolling through Facebook when their thumb stops and they see this image:


Immediately, they ran to the bank, patiently stood in line for their turn and then told the bank teller, "I need to empty out my account. Right now. Right this very instant."

This was the result.


The Neely Cat Center's Facebook post read,

Seeking mystery donor! Today a person visited the Neely Cat Center and anonymously left an $8,000 cash donation in our collection box. We are truly grateful to this kind person and want to thank them on behalf of all the animals at PHS.

$8,000 in small bills? You don't... you don't think someone messed up a ransom drop off spot, do you?

The staff members of the shelter were totally shocked by the very generous donation, and they're hoping to thank whoever was so kind as to leave them the money.

Because that is a lot of cat nip.


Even better, that money isn't just going to the cat shelter. The dogs are getting some of the love too.

The generous donation is sorely needed as well.

Pasadena Humane Society takes on 12,000 new rescues a year.

Jamie Holeman, a spokeswoman for the shelter said,

We rely on donations from members of the community to help us run. This $8,000 donation is going to go a long away to provide help, food and shelter for the critters that we have in our care.

Well, whoever you are, anonymous donor, there are now a lot of very thankful cats and dogs.


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