People Who Have Cats Are More Likely Than Dog Owners To Cheat On Their SOs

by Eleanor Harmsworth

It's a sad day for cat lovers: People who own these fluff balls are more likely to cheat on their baes than dog owners.

The study – carried out by Illicit Encounters – found that cat owners made up about 25 percent of the 700 unfaithful partners surveyed, as compared to rabbit owners (11 percent) and fish owners (16 percent).

If you own a cat, you are almost three times more likely to cheat on your SO than if you own a dog.

So, the survey may have finally won the argument that dogs are better than cats.

Yeah, you'd better believe it.

Spokesperson Christian Grant said,

Often lazy, they've been known to drift to whomever is offering them more food, so it's of little surprise to see that lack of loyalty reflected in our study.

Dogs are called "man's best friend" for a reason: They're unconditional in their love and loyalty, whereas cats are more fickle and self-interested. So, it seems this "easy come, easy go" attitude is contagious.

I guess the next time you see your cat making its rounds through the neighborhood, watch out that your husband isn't doing the same.