Cats Nonstop Ringing Bells For Treats Is Us Texting Our Booty Calls At 3 AM


If we're being honest, I'm not the biggest cat fan.

I could be a little biased since I'm a dog owner, but even before I owned a dog, I've never really been into cats. It might have something to do with the fact most of my violent encounters with animals have been with cats.

It might also have something to do with the fact I've been pounced on by a cat mid-sleep at a relative's house. I think you get the point -- I'm one of those people who truly believe cats are EVIL.

However, in a new viral video, I seem to be proven wrong. Not all cats are evil.

As a matter of fact, I might be the evil one here. Cats are pretty awesome creatures just like dogs are. The two cats in this particular video are just slightly more awesome than the rest.

On March 30, a Twitter user uploaded a 40-second clip of two cats sitting side by side eating snacks. Throughout the video, the cats know to tap the bell placed in front of them to request a snack.


Since I'm a dog owner, I'm used to the little whines, cries and an occasional paw punch when my dog is trying to tell me he wants snacks. These cats, on the other hand, have streamlined their snack request system.

It's sort of like the system you have when you desperately hit up your booty call at 3 am. It's consistent, it's effective, and it's very impressive.

Prepare to be blown away...

Check out these two smart cats using bells to request snacks.

They can also play the guitar pretty well, too!

Anyone down for a quick game?

Incredible, right?!

Well, I guess I owe cats an apology, so here it goes... I'M SORRY, CATS. You guys are insanely talented creatures, and I apologize for underestimating your coolness.

Now, if only my dog would just learn how to play fetch and not turn into an overly possessive furry demon when I try to retrieve the toy from him...

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