This 'Cat Lady' Word Search Is Going Viral For Its Disturbing Hidden Message

We don't know if this is the most hilarious word search we've ever seen or the biggest cry for help.

One thing's for sure, though: This girl's coffee break got seriously dark.

She was doing a word search (big up to people who still do these in 2016 — why fix something that's not broken, right?) about cats.

But she came across hidden words which perfectly describe a mad cat lady.

They include "prozac," "insanity," "depression," "spinster," "lonesome," "reclusive," "lonely."

Her boyfriend posted the bizarre discovery on Imgur, with the caption, "

Word search got dark Got my girlfriend a crazy cat lady coloring book as a joke. The word search has a bunch of other words in it...

Look, we don't want to read too much into this, but should we be worried about the person who created this word search?

Are they describing themselves, or do they just really hate cat people?

I guess that mystery is just all part of the fun.