These Police Officers' Parody Of 'Hotline Bling' Will Make You Cringe

Canadian police officers created a music video to the tune of "Hotline Bling" to get drivers to obey a law.

Since 2010, Nova Scotia drivers have been legally required to move to the furthest lane possible while passing a police cruiser stopped on the side of the road.

But, the law largely went ignored, so the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are now trying to use humor and hip-hop to communicate the importance of its safety precautions, Daily Mail reports.

The video is called “Cop Light Bling,” and it replaces the lyrics of Drake's hit song with instructions about following the “Move Over” law, which punishes drivers with fines if violated.

A male officer sings,

You sped past my cruiser. You nearly hit my leg. You sped past my cruiser. Shoulda changed your lane.

Corporal Jennifer Clarke, one of the officers in the video, told CBC News humor seemed to be the most “memorable way” to reach the public.

She said,

We're always evolving in how we connect with our communities, and this music video is another unique way of getting our message to citizens. We also want drivers to know that when they slow down and move over while passing a stopped emergency vehicle, they're doing their part in keeping first responders safe.

Since the video's release on Wednesday, many Nova Scotians have reportedly taken to social media to admit they did not know the “Move Over” law existed until seeing “Cop Light Bling.”

Clarke said she and her co-stars “had a blast” making the video, in which they intentionally acted as “goofy” as possible.

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