This Video Fights The Objectification Of Women In A Really Powerful Way

Some days, when I'm watching "Jeopardy!" and a commercial comes on to interrupt, it's hard to tell what I'm supposed to want to buy: the beer can or the barely-clothed woman holding the beer can.

For decades now, the advertising industry has been in the business of turning women's bodies into objects, like sex machines who can't wait to deep-throat new Burger King sandwiches.

Girls grow up on these images and, perhaps even worse, so do boys. This is the way we are teaching everyone in our society to view women.

Ad executive Madonna Badger is fighting against this objectification of women in advertisements with the campaign #WomenNotObjects.

The campaign video highlights some particularly heinous depictions of women in ads and accompanies them with women commenting on the messages the ads send.

The campaign comes from the agency Badger co-founded and leads as creative director, Badger & Winters Group, which took a vow to never objectify women in its ads.

The video sends a powerful message.

I could, personally, do without the plea the video ends on, saying men should see women as actual people because they have daughters and sisters, but the fact that this message is coming from inside the industry is still an incredible step.

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