Burger King Pulled Off A Troll By Dressing Up As McDonald's

DAMN. Burger King just came at McDonald's in the spookiest way.

The fast food burger chain is making headlines after savagely trolling its biggest rival.

Burger King celebrated Halloween early by literally dressing up as McDonald's. I am NOT kidding.

Ronald McDonald is somewhere smashing holes into walls and throwing fine China.

A Burger King located in New York decided to dress up as McDonald's for Halloween by sporting a big white blanket to disguise itself.

It also had the name "McDonald's" spray-painted on it.


Guys, this could be the most savage publicity stunt of the year (next to all of that wacky Trump stuff).

To top it all off, the sign out front read,

BOOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween!

Damn, BK! I didn't know you could get this feisty.

Burger King fans were in for a treat when they stumbled upon the BK location in Rego Park, New York that dressed up as McDonald's for Halloween.


In addition to the updated storefront, Burger King also served up their delicious flame-grilled burgers with matching containers.


As if the Twitter frenzy over the super-shady stunt by Burger King weren't enough, the burger chain also released a video to go along with it appropriately titled "Scariest BK | Halloween."

The 44-second video captures the spookiest looking Burger King location you'll ever see. I mean, what could be scarier than a fast food burger chain posing as ANOTHER fast food burger chain that doesn't flame grill their burgers.

I'm shaking and sweating profusely just thinking about it!

When Ronald McDonald is done throwing a fit over this, I expect him to respond... However, he just might be deserving of this. Come on... Did you even see all of the creepy clown madness that's been going on all year?


I'm not pointing any fingers, but YEAAAH...

Check out the video above for a closer look!

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