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Viral Attack On Taylor Gravel Filmed By Bullies In Kentucky

Five teenagers have been charged after a video of a vicious attack went viral.

Taylor Gravel, 15, was walking home from Moore High School in Louisville, Kentucky, when she was followed by a mob.

They intimidated her and threatened her with a plastic baseball bat, reports WDRB.

Taylor told the news website,

They were all behind me, and there was so many of them, and I was scared to turn around and do anything because I didn't want every single person jumping in on me. The girl with the bat, her best friend yanked my hair and that's when the other girl jumped in. I fell onto the girl that yanked my hair, and then that's when the guy jumped in and started hitting me too.
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The fight only stopped when passerby Joe Whelan stepped in to help.

He shouted at the group he was going to call the cops, then his dog Apache ran over and broke up the brawl. Joe said,

He ran over there barking aggressively and then stopped and ended up following a couple boys down the road. It just kind of upset me.
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The attack took place back in May around 100 yards away from a police department, and Taylor kept it a secret from her parents. They were only made aware of the fight after seeing it on social media.

Her grandmother, Leslie Burton, shared the video online and asked for help identifying the attackers.


Burton said,

It's shocking, stunning, unbelievable and painful. Painful to see that she went through that...it's like it was something done for sport.

Justice was eventually served this week when the five teenagers were charged with assault, disorderly conduct, menacing and harassment.

They're due to appear in court in November when the court will decide what sort of punishments should be handed down.