This Bride Tragically Died Just One Day Before Her Wedding


In January 2015, Anna Swabey was given only three years to live after being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor that was found to be inoperable.

According to her personal essay "What it feels like to date when you're terminally ill" from Marie Claire UK, when the cancer blogger from Durham, England was given the tragic news, she “panicked” because she was afraid she might never get “the chance to meet 'the one.'”

So that next month, she joined Tinder and immediately swiped right on Andy Bell, the man she would end up becoming engaged to.

Swabey explained,

Bell, however, wasn't fazed when she brought up her illness. She quickly realized he simply wanted to "get to know" her.

And 10 months after they met, he proposed.

She recalled,

Sadly, this 25-year-old bride-to-be died just one day before she was about to marry the love of her life in front of 160 of her closest friends and family.

Early yesterday morning, Swabey's family announced her passing on the Facebook page for her blog, Inside My Head:

Though Swabey noted in her essay that she had come to terms with her death, she still struggled with how it would affect her fiancé. She was concerned with how he'd cope when she would "start slipping away."

But, Swabey concluded that was why they were getting married in the first place:


In an interview with Daily Mail in July, Bell also said,

Before her passing, Swabey set up a fundraiser through her blog for the Brain Tumour Research Campaign. She has currently raised more than $86,500, and people can still donate.

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