Guy Has Savage Response To A Clever Breakup Playlist His Ex Made On Spotify


Breakups are always hard, but having someone take the time to create a clever playlist that spells out "Hey, let's stop seeing each other" is a real punch to the gut.

I guess it's some consolation this person took the time to really think about how they're better off as friends.

Wyatt Hall, 20, and Kirsten Titus, 19, are both attending Brigham Young University. They dated for a bit, but something just wasn't clicking for the both of them.

Kirsten Titus

Titus told BuzzFeed,

I think the both of us, we were starting to feel we were better as friends.

According to Titus, they went on a lot of creative dates together. They even planted a cactus on a mountain, which is both prickly and adorable.

She said,

I thought if I was going to end things with him, I wanted to do it in a creative way.

So, she sent him a playlist.


The titles of the songs certainly let Wyatt down easy, except the whole admitting she's into someone else thing.

But probably my favorite part of the story is her sister Erika, 14, found the playlist on their shared Spotify account and posted it on Twitter...

Which is a classic little sister move.

She posted about it without her big sister's permission.

While Hall understood the message, he isn't really heartbroken over the breakup. He admits,

I thought it was kind of funny honestly.

The two weren't seriously dating, and they're staying friends.

Still, he did send her a playlist in return.

Get. Wreckt.

Imagine if you could make a playlist for every awkward situation of your life: breakups, quitting your job, asking a teacher for an extension on a project, telling your mom it was you who backed the car into the garage door and you know exactly how the dent got there...

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