This Boy's Fingers Has Left Every Everyone Confused AF

A Reddit user posted a photo of his brother's hands, and the Internet is going crazy about it.

No, it's not because his brother is missing a finger or has a selfie stick where his thumb should be.

It's simply because, well, you might just want to observe these hands for yourself.

I mean is this kid an alien or what? Observe closely.


If you spent as much time examining these hands as I have, you probably notice that the difference can be found on his right hands.

Reddit user Rdelly_21 posted a photo of his brother's hands and asked people to figure out what the hell is going on with his fingers.

It turns out that he doesn't have creases on two of his fingers on his right hand.

He captioned the photo, writing,

My brother doesn't have creases on the upper portion of his middle and right finger (right side).

Just like me, I'm sure people who spent hours staring at this random kid's fingers are pretty upset they didn't just read the caption first.

Once people finally realized this kid is missing creases on two his fingers, users began speculating that his two fingers were fused together.

The kid's brother replied, saying,

That must be the case! He cannot bend them at the distal joint of those two fingers.

That's when other Reddit users began speculating that Rdelly_21's brother could have a joint disorder called Arthrogryposis.

This particular condition makes it hard to bend certain joints and can even cause deformities.

In this kid's case, it's uncertain why he doesn't have creases on two of his fingers -- but I'll admit, it made for really good viral content that made people CONFUSED AF.

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