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Woman's Who Punched Boss' Face Shares Cringeworthy Story


POW! Right in the kissah!

Who hasn't silently dreamed of decking their bosses? Me, of course -- shout-out to the top brass at Elite Daily who keep me on my toes and not homeless!

But aside from me, I'm sure at some point most people have had day dreams where they sock their boss in the face when they're asked to stay late to finish up on work, or are reamed out for coming in a few minutes after 9 am.

A heroic Reddit user actually got a chance to do this over Halloween.

Who cares if she did it accidentally? The important part is that she now has that experience.

YerMomsASherpa got to share her story in the "Today, I fucked up" subreddit, and it's kind of blowing up.

She wrote,



FRAZIER (read: that lady's boss)!

Things didn't exactly end well for her though. It was an accident, so she never got written up.

She did however mention that she has to follow extra protocol when going to the bathroom, or even just opening doors. She finished up her Reddit story, saying,

So, on second thought, maybe don't go Muhammad Ali on your boss.