The Booty Flip Challenge Is A New, Dumb Meme Involving Your Butt And A Pen


While someone my age should fear anyone who is younger than them (they may steal my job, they're more beautiful and vibrant than me, they will learn so much more than I'll ever know), I still am in awe of their creativity, and I applaud their innovation.

I mean... think back to the things you thought were cool when you were young.

Would setting your sock on fire to see all the lint burn off, like my super cool high school boyfriend always did, become a viral challenge? No way -- where's the skill?

May I present The Booty Flip Challenge, a true art form...

Sydney Vermilyea, a student at Occidental College near LA, is the brains behind the #BootyFlipChallenge.

Look at the smug face at her success? Her tweet featuring the video simply reads,

Help me go viral.

As if she already knew she had struck internet gold.

The 18-year-old dancer bends next to a trash can while a friend tosses a pen toward her booty. Then, as if guided by the hand of God himself, she arches her back to hit the pen into the can with her butt.

It has inspired so many of us...

Truthfully, I admit I tried to perform the challenge myself and hurt my back almost instantly.

I have not only brought shame upon myself, but also my home. How will I look the internet in the face ever again?

Does the #BootyFlipChallenge have the staying power of the #MannequinChallenge? Only time will tell.

Personally, the only good thing to come of the Mannequin Challenge was my discovery of Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles."

Our future is in safe hands. How much fun could you have with a pen and your butt?

Wait... don't... don't answer that, OK? Please do not slide into my Twitter DMs. I regret asking this.

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