Guys Troll Boys With Savage Sign Asking Mom To Flash Boobs And She Delivers

by Robert Anthony

Imagine sitting in the backseat of your mom's car with your siblings when another car carrying a pack of dudes pulls up and asks your mom to flash her boobs at them.

Now, imagine she actually agrees to flash 'em. I know, I know -- it's a horrifying thought. It's a good thing I can't imagine such an awkward situation since my mom is an angel, but maybe you can.

For two little boys, however, that was their reality 10 whole years ago. A Reddit user shared a post titled "10 Year Anniversary of the Best Photo I Ever Took" recounting this reality.

The bro trolls showed no self-control when they pulled up alongside an SUV driven by a mom with her two kids seated in the back of the vehicle. That's not the baffling part.

One of the dudes held up a sign reading,

Tell your mom to show us her tits!

Yeah, that's the baffling part. Talk about being direct AF!

Here's the photo of some guys epically trolling a bunch of little kids by asking their generous mom to show them her "tits."


Well played, gentlemen. It seems like 2007 was quite the time to alive.

I'd also like to point out the fact one of the kids in the second photo could NOT believe his eyes. Poor child.

Do you think the kids actually told their mom to flash some random dudes her lady bits? I kind of doubt it. I think the mom just shrugged her shoulders and gave her audience a sight to behold. Eek!

So, what would your mommy do in this situation? Most of us would expect our parents to laugh in disgust at such an insulting request, but maybe our parents are just no fun...

Nah, this lady's just bored with life and looking for a little excitement. Luckily, my mom plays enough Candy Crush to never get "bored" enough to end up on Reddit for flashing.

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