Bouncer Body-Shames Woman With 'Hula Hoop Test'

Not only was Kelly Twine, 27, out ringing in her friend's birthday, but she was also celebrating the fact that she had recently lost 20 pounds.

She even went out to buy a new dress for the evening.

The actress, who is credited as an extra in "Holby City" and the David Brent film "Life on the Road," was left embarrassed and angry that the bouncer at Mishiko, a club in Reigart, England, said she'd have to fit through a hula hoop in order to enter the club.

Both her and her friend were working hard to eat well and exercise. And, in honor of her friend's birthday, the two went all out to get glammed up.

Twine said she felt good about herself. Then, she said,

But when I got inside and asked about the entry fee the doorman that had shown me inside said quite loudly, 'She'll have to pass the hula hoop test first.' I was so embarrassed. I asked him to repeat it but he said it was a 'private joke.' I told him I knew exactly what he'd said and he just laughed so I left.

The actress, who at one point suffered from an eating disorder, added,

Nobody should be made to feel bad about their size... Luckily, I'm now a strong person and his comments won't affect me. But what if someone more vulnerable had been on the receiving end of his vile discrimination?

Currently, Twine is much more mindful about the awful effects an eating disorder can have on one's body. She's focused on losing the weight in a safe and slow way.

She said,

There are laws against discriminating against race and sex. There should be a law against discriminating against people's size.

Staff of the club quickly apologized to Twine and insisted that the doorman did not work for them, but rather through a security firm they had just started to use.

That bouncer has since been banned from working at that club.

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