Guy Who's Blind In One Eye Adopts One-Eyed Puppy Nobody Else Wanted (Photos)

Have you cried over an adorable puppy yet today?

If not, never fear, Jordan Trent and his new one-eyed pup are here to get the waterworks going.

32-year-old Trent, of Georgetown, Texas, has been blind in one eye since he was 15. So, it makes sense he would be the one to adopt a little Australian Shepherd puppy with only one eye, the last left in the litter to find a home.

Trent and his new pal named Shiner Solo both have some pretty great Instagram accounts, and honestly, if these pictures don't bring you joy, I don't think I can help your cold, cold heart.

Listen, they found each other, OK?


This poor lil' pup didn't think anyone would love him!

But now, this pup has a family who understands! Guys! Family! Sense of belonging...with a puppy! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

*Wipes tears from eyes.* You go get 'em, little Shiner Solo. You take on the world.

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