These Bizarre New Stockings Make It Look Like You Just Got A Pedicure


Hey luxurious lazies, it's your lucky day!

You owe a massive "thank you veeery much" to Japanese fashion company Belle Maison for creating a solution to the many summer afternoons ruined by nagging crusty-toe insecurities.

These stockings, complete with full pedicures, have individual spaces for all 10 toes so you don't have to deal with the usual webbed-foot look of normal tights.

Belle Maison

For about $13, your hobbit feet can get the makeover they desperately need without any of the polish work.

Belle Maison

If you're willing to sweat it out all summer in the name of skipping the nail salon and you also don't mind the tights' general creepiness, this might be your dream product!

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