Bisexual Guy's Thank You Note To GF Will Make You See Love In A New Light

Lewis Oakley

Bisexuality is often misunderstood, and bisexual people experience a lot of discrimination for the way they identify.

Some people don't think that they actually exist, while others avoid dating a bisexual person because they worry that their partner will always want more.

So, for those people, bisexuality is real, and if you're worried about your partner cheating on you because of their sexual orientation, it's actually just because you're a miserable person.

Naturally, it's hard for bisexual people to find trusting partners they're able to truly be themselves with.

Lewis Oakley, 25, is a bisexual activist and has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Laura, for nine months.

Lewis Oakley

Recently, Oakley wanted to thank his girlfriend for not only rolling her eyes at stereotypes and dating him, but for always supporting him.

He wrote an open letter to his loving girlfriend and posted it on a bisexual forum and said,

It's one thing to date a bi man, it's quite another to date a bi activist who discusses his attraction to men and women in the media every week.

Oakley, who describes himself as a "reformed serial dater," says that it is hard to find someone who will date a bisexual guy, but he found his match with Laura.

She's never asked me which one I prefer, been insecure about me going gay clubbing or listened to those who told her "it's just a phase."
Lewis Oakley

He goes on to write,

I've dated people in the past who've told me to stop saying I'm bi, people that have stood by whilst their friends have ridiculed bisexuality to my face. I've even dated people who've tried to convince me I was gay and not bi. At the time I thought it was just something I'd have to learn to put up with, now I know it's not!

He calls Laura his "rock" and is thankful for her being able to accept him the way he is — regardless of who he finds attractive.

You can read his whole heartfelt letter here.

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