Interracial Couple Gets Real About The Challenges They'll Face Raising Kids

by Eitan Levine

Keisha and Andrew's conversation for The Skin Deep is one of the most honest and eye-opening talks on race and being in a relationship you will ever watch.

I should mention, I've never been in an interracial relationship, so I don't pretend to know or claim to have experienced what people who find themselves dating someone of a different race go through. I'm also not claiming being in a interracial relationship is a bad thing -- it just has its own set of challenges same-race couples will never have to go through.

For instance, Andrew is a white guy who will potentially have a son or daughter who is viewed by the world as black. His child will face challenges and criticism from societal racism he will have never faced.

From the video, it's easy to see Keisha and Andrew's combined journey made them stronger. They're emotionally attuned to each other and freely admit they're still learning how to get through life together as an interracial couple.

This is the second video they've done for The Skin Deep, so you may want to catch up on their first conversation done back in September.