Beyond Talented Artist Portrays Disney Characters As Transgender And We're In Awe

by Brenda Santana
Trans Disney/Instagram

Disney has a way of bringing people together and there's a new artist on Instagram who is quite literally changing the way we see them by re-imagining Disney characters as transgender. The illustrator goes by the name Trans Disney on Instagram and the page was created just a few days ago, but the message is crystal clear (and right now, so incredibly important).

"Disney movies are about freedom & transformation. What if they could tell a transgender story?" is the message read on the feed's bio and the photos are as sweet as they are inspirational. Each illustration takes a different popular Disney character and transforms them into the trans version of themselves.

We've seen Disney characters reimagined as pregnant women, with tattoos, and even made part of other popular TV genres, but I think this is the first time someone actually includes trans people into the discussion and it's great.

By creating these drawings, Trans Disney is opening the door for a bigger conversation about more inclusive characters in Disney movies and programming. So far, the feed counts on 12 different illustrations, using characters like Peter Pan, Aladdin, Pinocchio, and Cinderella, to name a few.

See the beautiful images below.

"The face you make when they ask you why you couldn't stay the way you were..."

"Remember this scene from the film? The 'Do you trust me?' moment... Would you trust someone less based only on their gender? Nope. Sorry, not sorry."

"You're only a liar if you don't open about your sexuality, and the gender you think will make you, YOU."

"The Trump administration said that transgender people are not fit for the army. I mean... SERIOUSLY?"

"Strength doesn't only come from your body. It also comes from your identity."

In a piece written for Bored Panda, Trans Disney spoke about why they decided to create trans Disney characters:

Growing up, I realized that they don't include a very important category: transgender people. People who more than anyone else know the meaning of and seek for that love, freedom, and transformation portrayed by Disney.

All images courtesy of Trans Disney/Instagram.