Beyoncé Sends A Personal Thank You Note To Writer For 'Formation' Review


Mega fan Jenna Wortham had her ultimate dream realized Wednesday after receiving a personal thank you note and flowers... FROM BEYONCÉ.

Wortham, a staff writer for The New York Times, contributed to a discussion article reviewing the pop superstar's baller new music video for "Formation."

Beyoncé, it seems, was a big fan of her thoughtful words.

The note, written in Queen Bey's perfect script, reads:

HOLY SH*T. Is your heart still beating, Jenna?! I don't think mine would be.

As Jenna wrote in the Facebook post where she included a picture of the note,

In case you haven't read the article in question, it's a seriously intelligent dissection of the music video that rocked the nation last Saturday afternoon, released just 24 hours before Beyoncé's mind-blowing Super Bowl 50 performance.

I'd place a couple bets on which of Wortham's lines resonated with Queen Bey the most. Here's a little sampling:

There's so much love to feel for all of this, I'm not quite sure where to begin. Perhaps, revisiting the music video itself and watching it on repeat would be a good start.

Yep, that feels like the only realistic thing to do right now.

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